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  1. Urban Dictionary: dodged that bullet
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  3. dodge a bullet
  4. idiom: to dodge a bullet
  5. What does 'Dodge the bullet' mean?

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Urban Dictionary: dodged that bullet

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    November 5, November 12, Duke : Yeah, a bad one. Many people her killed and their holidays ruined because of the storm. Close Shave- as with close call, we use this to describe a narrow escape from a dangerous situation or disastrous event. Bite the bullet- when we bite the bullet we accept or do an activity that is not liked. The way the cookie crumbles- when we experience a good or bad outcome that is fate or by chance.

    dodge a bullet

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    idiom: to dodge a bullet

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    What does 'Dodge the bullet' mean?

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    Can You Dodge a Bullet? - Mythbusters

    Connect with:. At 75 ft 23 m , the team obtained a reading of 29 g for water, but over g for pavement the upper measuring limit. To investigate the effect of body orientation on impact forces, the team did more drops with Buster in a belly-flop position.

    jogosregionais.strongtecnologia.com.br/9602.php Pavement and water drops from 25 ft 8 m gave g and g, respectively, while 50 ft 15 m drops maxed out the instrument on pavement and registered g on water. For a final test at terminal velocity roughly miles per hour , Tory threw two pig carcasses out of a helicopter at ft m , after which they were X-rayed to determine injuries. The pavement drop resulted in 17 fractures, a shattered pelvis, and a decapitation, while the water drop yielded 7 fractures and a broken neck. Since no water landing produced the same level of impact force or injury as a fall from the same height onto pavement, the team declared the myth busted.