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  1. Music & Practice: Embodied Experience of Rock Drumming
  2. Double Bass Drumming Explained: A Comprehensive Reference on the Art and Science of Double Bass
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Zimmermann, Frederick Instrumentenentwicklung im Jahrhundert, Kontrabass, p. Please check under Bass Players heading.

Music & Practice: Embodied Experience of Rock Drumming

IX ]. The work was later arranged for viola, cello, and double bass and also as Three Sonatas for Cello and Piano by German organist and musicologist Friedrich Gustav Jansen These inventories, together with birth records, marriage contracts, and contemporary correspondence and journals, show 1 the life of the artisans, 2 family relationships among them, and 3 changes in instrument building: the disappearance of viols and lutes; the appearance of violas, cellos, basses , guitars, mandolins, and — at the end of the century — harps and pianofortes.

D given the exceptional quality and extent of the research presented]. Thesis, University of Colorado Solo part uses exclusively bass harmonics]. Search Term: Double bass citations as of December 24, Search Term: Double bass citations as of January 6, Search Term: Kontrabas 13 M.

Double Bass Drumming Explained: A Comprehensive Reference on the Art and Science of Double Bass

Theses as of February 17, Search Term: Kontrabass 4 M. Theses as of January 29, Search Term: Kontrabas 4 M. Thesis as of March 5, ABP is grateful on any information that may widen the scope of this listing. Should you know of any other Thesis or a Dissertation that may fit the criteria of this bibliography, please contact ABP and your effort will be credited here. Blog at WordPress.

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Projekt Kontrabass. Gallen, Villanueva, Luis R. Download Page Suda, Markus. Fillion, Michelle Marie. Thesis, Cornell University, Hanson, Eric Olaf. An Introductory Guide for the Viennese Violone. Record Link Leverenz, William C. Record Link Mazurowicz, Ulrich. Kontrabass] Meier, Adolf. Morgan, Cassidy Andrew. Thesis, University of Maryland, Download Page Rinckens, Franziska.

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Double Bass Drum Lesson 3 - Pedal Techniques

Thesis, University of Sheffield, Department of Music, Hogan, Shelley Christine. University of Melbourne, Thesis, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Sadie, Julie A. Urquhart, Margaret. Thesis, Leiden University, Thesis, Claremont Graduate University, California, Abstract 1 — Abstract 2 Whittaker, Nathan H. Download Link [although the thesis belongs to the subject of violoncello, it also addresses the history of bass instruments — including the violone and double bass] Wright, Noeleen.

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Thesis, University of Pittsburgh, Sturm, Hans M. Yager, William A.