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School of Politics and International Studies. Register to attend. Research expertise Our academic community contributes to research and analysis in the areas of democratic engagement, global development, responsibility to protect, security studies, and political theory. Discover more.

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Studying with us Undergraduate degrees. Undergraduate degrees Find your bachelor programme in international development, international relations, or politics and discover our opportunities to expand your horizons with international study and work experience. More on Undergraduate degrees. Masters degrees. Masters degrees We offer Masters courses in the main areas of global development, international relations and security, and politics for you to further develop your skills and interests.

More on Masters degrees. Most of the ingredients used in the kitchen come from Pathum Thani, a province just north of Bangkok. Apart from tomatoes, which May buys over here. I spot the same ingredients on the shelves in the supermarket—galang root, baby aubergine, and kaffir leaves as well as dozens of types of chili sauce.

Following May into the kitchen, I see it's just as pared-back as the cafe. There are pots of broths in industrial-sized pans bubbling over gas canisters. Workstations are clean, simple, and look like the set-up you might find at a roadside cafe in Bangkok. When I overuse it, it just cuts off!

So I have to use gas," May says, preparing my bowl of kuai tiew yen ta fo , a pink noodle soup glistening with squid, fish balls, fish tofu, and morning glory. There is definitely a nip in the air, though it's far less noticeable once you're digesting a burning hot curry. Other people cry having my curry! In another corner of the kitchen, May's colleague chops chili at a prepping station bedecked with a pink tablecloth covered in lookalike Disney princesses.

You couldn't eat it, it's strong.

Isan and Mekong river, 6 d / 5 n

Sometimes we take it back for English people. If they say 'I'll have it spicy,' we'll say, "Are you sure? I'm just comforted to know that these women, in their chunky, animal-covered knitwear, are cooking up much-loved and sometimes lethal Thai fare in a kitchen with a pink princess tablecloth. Sign up for the best of VICE, delivered to your inbox daily. In fact, Thais and Laos have an interesting intermix in culture and in history. Add in the Bangkok Chinese owning most of everything and there are some real dynamics going on.

Actually, rural provincial people anywhere in Thailand tend to be salt of the earth people, no chips on the shoulder, and fun. Having fun, sanuk, is a big deal for many Isan people. Finances go up and down, but the Isan people laugh and keep driving their tuktuks, driving their taxis and plowing their rice fields. For those new to Thailand Lao is a separate language as Portuguese is from Spanish.

In fact, there are a lot of different languages, cultures and peoples. The predominate bunch now, though, are the Isan people. They can outvote Bangkok. Isan people are not only all over Bangkok, they are in the north and even in the south. I might add that with the permutations of modernity the Lao who were happy and out of a laugh, are now getting a bit sour.


Progress can sometimes push too many buttons. This is a way to examine the present by exploring a possible future in the galaxy. Finally, for tourists and expats, the more you know about people including yourself, the more life can be fulfilling and enjoyable.

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The author is investigating massage among the Orang Asli at the Thai-Malaysia border area. In addition, he is delving into the word of Silat.

He fears the good old days of Bangkok are over and blames it on the arrival or virtual golf. Krungthep is beginning to be indistinguishable from Tokyo or Singapore. If you spot someone wearing a Survivair S-Series gas mask with the double filter, you will know it is the author. At the moment, only one other visitor to the realm has this kind of protection. Ukaguzi Sera ya Maoni.