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The Master probably uses the re-set healing trick like the Doctor did in the Stolen Earth to keep his same appearence in all of his incarnations. The Master doesn't acknowledge his position as Death's Champion. He became known as an amoral outlaw, who was interested in satisfying his own desires above all. He believes that envy is the beginning of all true greatness. He hates the Doctor and Aillia for betraying him and is obsessed with gaining the Doctor's respect and fear. The feud between them will become known as the legendary Enmity of the Ages. Deep down the Master sees himself as an agent of chaos, disorder, and corruption.

The Master often interfered with Lesser Species to gain power, pleasure, and amusement. The Master rarely creates new problems. Instead he tends to make existing problems worse. He gets a thrill out of using and discarding people, because thats how he was treated.

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He enjoys smoking large cigars. The one thing the Master values above everything else is his own life. He will never take a course of action that will result in his death and has no desire to seriously damage his own timeline. He admits that his desire to control the Universe stems from paranoia, but believes that everyone feels the same way as he does.

The Omniverse The Aeons War Part One Paradise Lost - eBook -

Though he plans to take over the Universe by undermining several key civilizations he has no real motives. The Master would often spend years preparing his plans. Everywhere he goes he brings death and Death wants to use him to bring death to everyone. The Master becomes the second most wanted Time Lord criminal. The Master is never imprisoned for any length of time. The Master never has a companion.

With each battle the Master assumes that he's managed to reduce the inertia or boost his own reality quotient enough to affect History. If so then the Master probably plays merry hell with history whenever the Doctor or some other Time Lord isn't present. Any time his plot failed he could just nip back in time and alter things so he would succeed. This would explain how he could be so incredibly dangerous and yet have such a difficult time dealing with the Doctor's interference. The various half hearted attempts to kill him might just be his own private way of annoying the Doctor.

The Master returns to the crack between univeres that he found while escaping. He constructs a hidden base on a small planetoid he finds there. He calls it Merast and uses it as a HQ and bolt-hole for his various plots. This area of space-time is forbidden and even Time Lords won't venture there. This Void is filled with Fictional Energy. Ionic energy can convert fiction into reality and vice versa.

This fictional energy can be disrupted by McAllerson's Radiation. With Bracebridge Hemyng to serve as a Master of the energy, the Land of Fiction is formed out of human creativity. The Land has every work of fiction that will ever be written by Earthmen.

Some people believe that anything that can be imagined must exist otherwise you wouldn't be able to imagine it. The Master Brain is a computer with power higher then even a Time Lord can imagine. It monitors and controls the human Master. The Gods eventually grew bored with the Land of Fiction and abandoned it.

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Spandrell claims that the Land has always been part of the Matrix. This is a realm outside of space and time. This is probably why the Dimensional Stablizers have sounded different almost every time their is a materialization. Thus the War Games now only exist in an alternate timeline. The War Lords might given their name be higher evolutionaries, but they are much less powerful then the Time Lords. T he Master and the War Chief form an alliance with them. They plan to raise an army to take over the galaxy and eventually crush the Time Lords. The War Chief reasons that the Time Lords would never interfer with events happening in the outside Universe if the didn't know that that a Time Lord was involved.

He then shows them how to operate but not create them. These time travel capsules can be remotely controlled.

The Omniverse The Aeons War Part One Paradise Lost

However this drastically shortens the life of the green crystal time control units which are part of the dynomorphic projectors. The War Chief oversaw the War Games. This that the 2nd Doctor spent some time working for the CIA before regenerating into the 3rd Doctor. This could explain the missing 50 years. Ghost Ship implies that the Doctor had companions for much of this time. For the first time in millions of years large numbers of young Gallifreyans question whether stagnation is required.

The existance of the CIA becomes publicly known. The interventionists become the first political movement on Gallifrey in millions of years. After the the success of the first mission the Doctor makes several demands for his future missions. The Doctor's TARDIS is removed from the register , given a teleport control that is operated by a Stattenheim remote-control, and given a complete and badly needed overhaul. Jamie is returned to the Doctor with his memory adjusted so that he believes that Victoria is studying Graphology.

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The official records state that while the High Malfeasance Tribunal, had originally planed to execute the Doctor and delete all record of his existance they change their minds upon hearing his justification for his actions. This is caused by the research on Space Station J7. The station was built by the people of the Third Zone, an area of space where an Untempered Schism has allowed Vortex energy to accelerate the Zones development of temporal science.

They are a time aware species and eager to become time active and, eventually, a temporal power to rival the Daleks. This is done to prevent the Sontarans from creating a fully operational Time Travel Capsule. Dastari was planning to frame the Time Lords for the death of everyone on the Camera Space Station but, presumably, the Doctor alerted the Time Lords to this so they could remove the planeted evidence.

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The Time Lords probably clean up the alien artifacts left on Earth as well. Despite the mind blocks the Time Lords place on him, Jamie will remember all of his adventures with the Doctor thanks to some mind tricks the Doctor teaches him. Solenti loves the sea.

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Thye Time Lords do their best to eliminated these quills. The Council fears the technological capabilities of the People which could threaten Gallifrey itself. They regenerate with the rest of him, but never settled properly. These fillings will still be there in Resurrection of the Daleks. After the treaty? The chromosomes of these beings are incompatible with the People. This is done so that these beings can serve as an early warning system if the People try to manipulate time.

The Master notice the new 10th body?


The Master regenerates for the 9th time. This regeneration might be due to pressure, danger, or as a disguise. Eventually his old mentor, the Master will contact him and he will begin feeding the Master information under the false belife that the Master is no more dangerous to History then the Doctor. The Doctor's interference is both part of events, as well as being a meaningful part of how history changes. They call this the Nexus Intervension Paradox Theory. Goth is a supporter of this theory and believed it justified intervensions to limit the Daleks and other temporal marauders.